PierPASS Announces 11 Marine Terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Have Reinstated Five OffPeak Shifts

LONG BEACH, Calif., August 18, 2010 – In response to a recent strong surge in cargo volume, PierPASS today announced that 11 of 13 marine terminals at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have reinstated a fifth OffPeak gate shift.

By September 8, 2010, 11 marine terminals will operate five OffPeak shifts. An updated OffPeak schedule is available on the PierPASS website at http://pierpass.wordpress.com/offpeak-information/offpeak-schedule-2/.

“We are encouraged by the rise in cargo volume, and additional terminals have responded by adding back the fifth OffPeak shift, as well as the noon hour relief and early start of night shifts,” said Bruce Wargo, President of PierPASS. “We recognize the industry need for five OffPeak shifts, as well as the valuable feedback provided by the working group, representing importers, exporters, motor carriers, ports, and marine terminal operators that was formed to address congestion issues.”

Additionally, PierPASS announced that when a Thursday OffPeak gate is closed for ILWU Stop Work meetings, the MTOs will add an extra Friday OffPeak gate the following day. Since the beginning of the year, there have been four Stop Work meetings.

When cargo volumes plunged in 2008 and 2009, terminal operators suffered deep losses and were forced to reduce costs by cutting one OffPeak shift and other types of service. Now that cargo volumes are picking up again, the terminals are reinstating some of the services.

“In addition to adding back services cut in 2009, the MTOs have increased labor levels by 37 percent since January 2010,” Wargo added. “The MTOs are committed to the efficient flow of cargo through the ports.”

For information on PierPASS, go to www.pierpass.org, or visit http://www.youtube.com/PierPass#p/a to view the PierPASS video addressing gate congestion and potential solutions.

PierPASS is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in 2005 to address multi-terminal issues such as congestion, security and air quality. Under the program, all international container terminals in the two ports established five new shifts per week. As an incentive to use the new OffPeak shifts and to cover the added cost of the shifts, a Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) is required for most cargo movement during peak hours (Monday through Friday, 3 a.m. to 6 p.m.).