Analysis Shows Nearly Half of Trucks of Trucks Make Four or More Transactions per Day

The latest transaction data from marine terminal operators (MTOs) at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach shows that nearly half of trucks conducted at least four transactions (pickups or deliveries of containers) per day in late July, while almost two-thirds of trucks made three or more transactions per day.

In an effort to achieve more efficient cargo movement, PierPASS has developed a video addressing gate congestion and discussing potential solutions. The video is available on the PierPASS YouTube channel.

“The analysis of transaction data shows that the ports are vastly underutilized despite increased cargo volume and truck traffic,” said Bruce Wargo, president and CEO of PierPASS. “PierPASS and the MTOs are working together to improve the efficiency of cargo movement through the ports, ease the challenges of increased cargo volume and help the industry take advantage of unused capacity to minimize congestion.”

The analysis, which includes transaction data from July 26, 2010 to August 1, 2010, shows that:
• 5,326 trucks (63.4 percent) made at least 15 transactions, or about three per day.
• Of that group, 3,849 trucks (45.8 percent) conducted at least 20 terminal transactions, or about four per day.
• 48 trucks managed to make more than 50 pickups or deliveries in that week, or about 10 per day.

The analysis includes transaction data from the 13 container terminals serving the San Pedro Bay ports.

Number of Transactions per Week