OffPeak Gates and the Local Economy

First conceived of as an initiative to mitigate traffic congestion and reduce pollution in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the PierPass OffPeak program has evolved over the past six years to serve as a major contributor of jobs throughout San Pedro Bay.

By essentially doubling the capacity of the ports through the addition of nighttime and weekend shifts, the program directly creates more than 200 jobs in the Ports.

Moreover, an untold number of additional jobs are created in the local area due to increased economic activity from OffPeak shifts. These jobs come in the form of security guards, logisticians, truck drivers, ship operators, and even waiters in local restaurants that staff-up for customers coming off night shifts.

Prior to the establishment of PierPass in 2005, Port employment was limited to regular daytime shifts. Fortunately, just before the economy began to decline, PierPass was created, increasing port capacity and, as a result, employment opportunities.

Today, the San Pedro Ports operate 122 shifts – of which 57 are PierPass OffPeak gates – for cargo pickup and delivery each week.

PierPass is committed to ensuring the Ports remain a consistent source of good jobs for those in the San Pedro Bay area by maintaining and building capacity, and continuing to improve efficiency of the Ports.