Survey Results: Top 50 TMF-Paying Customers

Since the TMF rate increase took effect three weeks ago, PierPass has continued to closely monitor traffic.  Additionally, in order to gauge current attitudes towards the OffPeak program, PierPass conducted a survey of its top 50 TMF-paying  customers.  In a gratifying display of interest, over half of those surveyed (52 percent) responded.  So far, what has been observed anecdotally has matched with respondents’ answers – overall, a majority of customers support the PierPass OffPeak program.

The survey responses indicate that:

  • When given the option between a government solution and an industry driven solution, customers overwhelmingly prefer an industry driven solution such as PierPass.
  • When asked about whether general port conditions have improved since PierPass’ inception in 2005, a majority of respondents believe that conditions have improved.
  • When asked how important OffPeak gates are to ongoing business, most respondents indicated that nighttime gates are very important.
  • Almost all respondents said that they take advantage of OffPeak gates.
  • When asked how much the TMF increase would affect their business, most respondents believe that an increase in the TMF will affect their business only somewhat.
  • Finally, a majority of respondents indicated that a fee increase of $10 per TEU would encourage their decision to use nighttime gates.

As always, PierPass welcomes any and all feedback concerning the OffPeak program and issues dealing with improved efficiency at the ports.