Turn Time Study in Progress

The Truck Turn Time Stakeholder Group (a collaboration among PierPASS, LA/LB port terminal operators, motor carriers, shippers, and port authorities in Southern California) is pleased to announce that Dr. Val Noronha of Digital Geographic Research Corporation has been commissioned to conduct a study to provide metrics for tracking and monitoring truck turn times.

The study is based on METRIS technology, deployed at the ports with the support of the USDOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration and the University of California, Santa Barbara. It will examine GPS tracks from thousands of truck trips to the ports each month. It will measure time outside terminals, time inside terminals, and other aspects of truck fleet performance.

The study is jointly funded by PierPASS, Ability Tri-Modal, and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and is expected to be complete in March.

According to Bruce Wargo, President of PierPASS, “This study is an important part of our commitment to working with all stakeholders to identify ways to track and report queue times and offer solutions based on factual information.”