OffPeak Login/Registration

Click here for PierPASS TMF Website Login/Registration

Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) companies are responsible for the payment of the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) for import and/or export containers that move during peak hours. In order to pay the TMF your company must register as an account on the PierPASS TMF website.

In establishing an account, you will be able to provide demographic data on your account, set up multiple users to access your account (logons), and designate individuals (or email accounts) inside and outside of your organization to receive email notifications on events that happen within your account.

For example, if your company deals with a logistics or drayage company that performs the physical pick-up of your containers, you may want to add their email contact information to the Containers Released (TMF Paid) event so that they would be notified when containers have been paid and a TMF release has been sent to the Marine Terminal.