TruckTag Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFID?
• RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless technology permanently placed on drayage trucks that will enable quick and secure check-in procedures at marine terminals.
• The RFID tags will be permanently installed on the cabs on drayage trucks.
• When a trucker arrives at a terminal, the RFID tag is automatically read by an electronic reader, similar to electronic toll booths. 

Why did PierPASS introduce RFID?
• PierPASS introduced the RFID program to enhance security, optimize gate operations, and reduce congestion and pollution in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
• The ports have moved in a new direction by more closely monitoring port activity—protecting those who work at the ports and the cargo coming in and out.
• RFID is part of PierPASS’s proactive approach to meeting existing federally-mandated security requirements by improving the quality and process that we use at the marine terminals.
• With an ever-increasing amount of imports and exports being processed at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, PierPASS embraced a technology that mutually benefits terminal operators, truckers, and citizens alike.

How does RFID improve operations at the ports?
• RFID provides enhanced security as the system quickly matches the registration and driver’s license associated with each trucker with the information maintained in the terminal’s database.
• RFID helps the ports reduce“truck idling.”

How does RFID benefit truckers?
• Secure, expedited check-in procedures at all marine facilities in the region results in less truck congestion, reduced idling at gates, and less pollution.
• RFID results in faster turnaround time for truckers to pick up and drop off cargo at marine terminal facilities through automated check-in and check-out procedures.

How much did the RFID program cost and who paid for it?
• The Marine Terminal Operators who make up PierPASS covered the $1.2 million cost of database development, purchase and distribution of RFID tags.
• RFID costs PierPASS just pennies per cargo container, yet provides an invaluable upgrade in port security.
• Terminals paid to have readers installed at the gates.

How will truckers get the RFID tags?
• TruckTags can be purchased on eModal,, for $95 each.
• RFID tags can be mailed or picked up at the truck center at Pier S in Long Beach.
• Tags are only available to trucks registered in eModal’s TruckerCheck program.
• Participation in the RFID program requires trucking companies to register on  Registration is free.