PierPass Provides Preliminary 2021 Report on OffPeak Gate Costs and TMF Collections

LONG BEACH, Calif., Feb. 22, 2022— PierPass today provided a preliminary 2021 financial summary of the OffPeak Program, which provides night and weekend truck gates at the marine terminals in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. PierPass manages the OffPeak Program on behalf of the West Coast MTO Agreement (WCMTOA).

The OffPeak Program takes truck trips that would otherwise occur during peak daytime traffic hours and moves them to less-congested nights and weekends, reducing traffic congestion on roads and highways and increasing total throughput capacity of the ports. Since 2005, the OffPeak Program has diverted more than 51 million trucks away from Southern California commuting hours.

In 2021, the net OffPeak Program costs were $348.4 million to operate 2,832 OffPeak gates. In 2021, the OffPeak Program collected and distributed $303.9 million in Traffic Mitigation Fees (TMF) to the WCMTOA marine terminal operator members to cover part of the OffPeak gates’ costs. An additional 489 gates that were not included in the WCMTOA published tariff were operated during non-peak hours and are not included in the OffPeak Program’s cost.

PierPass is a not-for-profit company created by marine terminal operators at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to address multi-terminal issues such as congestion, air quality and security. The West Coast MTO Agreement is filed with the Federal Maritime Commission and comprises the 12 international MTOs serving the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. For more information, please visit www.pierpass.org.

PierPass Customer Service Number: 877-863-3310