PierPass Trouble Ticket Report #3 – LBCT

This is our 3rd installment on trouble tickets and how they impact the truck driver and terminals. You can see that the most common problems are import container availability and export booking number information. This is not surprising but what is troubling is how many trucks continue to have these same issues at different terminals.

We continue to encourage truck companies to check the import availability and booking number validity in the terminal systems before sending a truck to the terminals.  eModal is another option for checking. Truck companies that spend the time and energy to check before hand, see less driver time on trouble ticket issues, it’s that simple. This information is commonly available and updated throughout the day. Why have truck drivers waste their time when in most cases, the issue can be avoided?

In this month’s example, Long Beach Container Terminal’s Jennifer Chase and Bill Madden discuss trouble tickets from their terminal’s experience and suggestions on how to avoid trouble ticket delays.

Bruce Wargo

President & CEO

PierPass, Inc.

Terminal Example: LBCTI (Long Beach Container Terminal; Pier F)

LBCT strives to provide a positive and productive experience for each and every one of our customers.

Currently, 7% of LBCT gate transactions require trouble ticket resolution. This equates to an average of 2,900 gate transactions per month.

There is an evident correlation between container availability, trouble tickets, and turn times. When a driver is dispatched to pick up a container that is unavailable, the result is a trouble ticket. Trouble tickets result in a costly and inconvenient experience for everyone involved including the driver, dispatcher, and terminal staff.

Below is a breakdown of the top ten trouble ticket reasons for September and October 2012.