PierPass June 2016 Newsletter

PierPass in May met with the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce to brief the group on the OffPeak program’s progress in reducing the number of trucks on neighborhood streets. Wilmington sits between the two primary truck corridors into the ports, the 110 freeway on the west and the 710 freeway on the east, and had been plagued by daytime truck congestion on its local roads before the 2005 start of OffPeak’s extended gates.

If your organization would like to learn more about PierPass, please let us know at info@pierpass.org.

PierPass Monthly Transaction Data
Each month we provide a summary of the latest transaction data from marine terminal operators (MTOs) at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Below please find data from the month of May 2016.

Average in-terminal turn time:
39.2 minutes day shift
41.1 minutes night shift

For comparison, the average in-terminal turn time in April was 43.7 minutes for the day shift and 45.3 minutes for the night shift.

In-terminal turn time is the average amount of time a truck is inside a terminal to complete a transaction. Truck activity information is derived from RFID data, and excludes lunch hour, breaks and trouble tickets. Turn time at individual terminals will vary depending on time of day and other factors. For more information about turn times and how we measure them, please see our Q&A at http://goo.gl/PiOjBp.

Average daily moves per truck in May:
5 or more moves per day: 5%
4 moves per day: 9%
3 moves per day: 25%
2 moves per day: 38%
1 move per day: 23%

Gate moves during Peak and OffPeak shifts in May:
Total Peak gate moves: 366,398 (56%)
Total OffPeak gate moves: 291,286 (44%)

A gate move occurs when a container enters or leaves a marine terminal via the truck gates. Peak shifts are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OffPeak shifts are all other times and are considered exempt from the Traffic Mitigation Fee.

Most terminals were closed for both the Peak and OffPeak shifts on May 30 for the Memorial Day holiday.